Carbon-Matrix Frame

The frame is designed to accommodate the dynamics of the leg musculature, allowing the muscles to flex and relax without interference. Not only does this design keep the frame properly positioned on the leg, it does so without constricting the muscles as they pump. Watch the video

Glide Hinge

Our patented asymmetrical eight sphere, four bar hinge mechanism is the only hinge available that actually tracks the natural "rolling-gliding", dual center rotation motion of the knee joint. Watch the video

Arc Cuff

The adjustable retention control (ARC) cuff has the ability to adjust a custom fit, while at the same time, remaining firm and retentive. Watch the video

Anti Rotation Tether

The Anti-Rotation tether is the most effective defense against this type of lower leg rotation. Watch the video

Tele-Tri Patella Cup

Our three piece, telescoping knee cup gives you full frontal coverage throughout full range of motion of the knee, many other patella cups start to gap when the knee starts to bend, leaving the knee vulnerable to direct impacts. Watch the video